Collection: Jesus is Key Jewelry Collection

Lily La Fleur Boutique is proud to feature Jesus is Key jewelry from local artist Shari Kempf.

From the artist

About Us

Jesus is Key was created by Evansville artist Shari Kempf.  She has always had an interest in art and a strong love for Christ. Her passion for art started at the young age of six when she began styling each of her Barbie dolls hair.  From there it grew into drawing, painting, cake decorating, wood burning, hair dressing, and now jewelry! As her faith grew she felt a very strong desire to create a tool that could be used to bring hope to others.

Our Story

Jesus is Key is a spin on an old skeleton key intentionally designed to carry a hidden message, in hopes that it will intrigue others to ask about it, in turn opening up that door for the one wearing it to share it!  If you look very closely at the head of the key it says "JESUS", the body of the key says "IS", the base of the key says "KEY".  Then when you come back above the head of the key you will see the "CROWN" of thorns. Jesus is Key is no ordinary key, it carries a whole entire message: "JESUS SACRIFICE IS OUR KEY".